Bilateral Gait Training

Weight-reducing gait rehabilitation platform Intelligent weight reducing gait rehabilitation training system Product introduction According to the requirement to reduce the bearing capacity from lower limb or waist in the training of patients, safety will be ensured through sling control....

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Product Details

Product introduction

Bilateral Gait Training XY-K-G6 provides the effective method to unweight loss bilaterally. It is quite unique in lower limb rehabilitation and neuro-rehabilitation and reported.




Power supply

220V 50Hz

Control mode

Microcomputer control

Lifting range

0 ~ 60cm continuously adjustable

Weight reduce power range


Continuous working time

0 ~ 99min, tolerance±1min adjustable

Duration time

0 ~ 9min, tolerance±30S

Intermittent time

0 ~90s, tolerance ±0.5S

Armrest adjustment range

0 ~ 30cm

Dimension (cm)

130 *105 * 253

Product feature

● It is the first bilateral weight reducing equipment which can set different parameters on the left and right sides respectively according to different patient;

● Controlled by intelligent microcomputer and imported controller and driver with balanced promotion and demotion as well as no noise;

● Touch type membrane switch control, easy to set up;

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