Such as congestion, anti-inflammatory, analgesia and so on.

Special function

Such as low frequency currents cause muscle contraction; ultraviolet rays promote the formation of vitamin D; the electrolysis and electrophoresis of DC currents can import drug ions into the body; the oscillation atomization of ultrasonic wave, the high-frequency electricity can produce "endogenous heat" inside the organization.

Direct effect

Such as high energy laser treatment of warts, fetal nevus, hemangioma, ultraviolet stimulation of skin cells and sterilization, DC electric field of ion movement, ultra-high-frequency electric field to promote dipole molecular oscillation and electrolytic extraction and so on.

Reflex Action

This is the indirect role, is the main mechanism of physical therapy, is different from the main characteristics of other therapies, is to use the body's reflection and defensive response, to maintain and restore physiological balance, so as to eliminate the pathological process.

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