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Anyang Xiangyu Medical Equipment Co., Ltd
Address: Diku Road, Neihuang County, Henan of China
Contact: Webb Chow
Tel: 0086-372-7703111
Mobile: 0086-18839765976
Fax: 0086-372-7713696
E-mail: info@xiangyumed.cn
Website: www.healthnfittness.com


Xiangyu medical has focused on top quality of physiotherapy and rehabilitation equipments for over 15 years in China. We started as a small corporation, but now have become one of the leading manufacturer in the physiotherapy and rehabilitation industry in China.


Anyang Xiangyu Medical Equipment Co., Ltd was established and obtained the first product registration certificate; the multi-functional traction table was registered with Henan Food and Drug Administration.


Xiangyu Medical entered into the 50th China International Medical Equipment Fair for the first time, expanding the sales channel, with great breakthrough in the sales volume.  


Cervical traction chair, far infrared massage physiotherapy couch, fumigation treatment machine, cervical-lumbar multi-functional traction table and multi-functional traction table obtained the medical equipment registration certificate of the People's Republic of China.  


Xiangyu Medical successfully passed the EU CE certification on the products, opening the way towards overseas; 


Xiangyu Medical was awarded the best enterprise title of "2008 Star of Henan"; it was granted the "Silver Award of Outstanding Contribution to Spine Health Undertaking"; it was rated as "Chinese Famous Enterprise", "China Credit Enterprise Certification System Demonstration Unit" and "2008 Henan Best (Advanced) Unit".  


Xiangyu Medical was awarded the title of "China Orthopedics Famous-brand Product"; Xiangyu Trademark was identified as "Henan Famous Trademark"  


Entrusted by SATCM, Xiangyu Medical drafted the construction standard for the TCM diagnosis and treatment equipment production demonstration base. Xiangyu Medical was the first to pass the national TCM diagnosis and treatment equipment review of SATCM, and was rated as the diagnosis and treatment equipment production demonstration base construction unit of SATCM.  


In May, Xiangyu Medical undertook the conference on construction and management guidance for rehabilitation departments of national TCM hospitals hosted by SATCM; Henan Science & Technology Agency approved and supported Xiangyu Medical to establish the Henan Smart Rehabilitation Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center, further improving the R&D capacity of Xiangyu Medical; Xiangyu Medical established the Henan Provincial Rehabilitative Physiotherapy Equipment Key Laboratory, with breakthrough in the research of rehabilitative physiotherapy equipment from basic experiment; Xiangyu Medical was identified as the TCM diagnosis and treatment equipment production demonstration base by SATCM; upon completion, the new plant area was expected to become the largest rehabilitation equipment production base throughout the country, and 12 products passed the project review of three first-batches (first-batch development, first-batch improvement and first-batch renovation) by SATCM.  


Xiangyu Medical completed the new plant construction, with the production area of about 100,000㎡/ the planned office area of 12,000㎡.


It had the floor area of 500mu and the standard plant of more than 12,000㎡,with the production scale ranking No.1 in the industry.

It had more than 600 models of nearly 200 varieties and nearly 100 patents, with the product quantity ranking No.1 in the industry.

It had 26 products included in the recommended product catalog of SATCM, ranking No.1 throughout the country by virtue of absolute advantage.

It had the market share of more than 40%, with the equipment supplied to 90% of hospitals above Level-2.


Anyang Xiangyu Medical Equipment Co., Ltd successfully passed the national intellectual property management system certification, obtained the safety production standardization certificate, sponsored to hold the 10th International Practical Rehabilitation Forum, and continued to keep the national and provincial titles of "keeping promise and honoring contracts", with 202 product patents and 17 science & technology achievement awards.  


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Tel: 0086-372-7703111
Fax: 0086-372-7713696
Add: Diku Road, Neihuang County,
Anyang, Henan of China
Email: info@xiangyumed.cn